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chug_A_bug June 4th 2006 02:21

padel shift
hey guys, well it's just 230am sitting back thinking about the GL and where in the world would you get and padel shift kit and make it work on a 69 ??? hmmm well tel me what ya think.

SoCalGL June 4th 2006 02:41

changing gears on the fly
I've only see one paddle shifter conversion and it was on a volvo that a friend of a friend had, unless you were to change out the tranny for an auto I don't see how it would be possible to do it to a stick seeing the mechanics let alone the only cars i've seen with paddle shifters are m3's, ferrari's, and my audi s4, which are all heavily controlled by an ecu..... A fun idea.. but unless your doing an auto tranny swap i dunno where your going to go..

or heres an idea look into the pneumatic shifter systems they have in f1 cars those are button press and extremely fast .... that might be your answer if you have some verrrrrryyyyyyyy deeep pockets...

chug_A_bug June 4th 2006 02:58


haha H$ll no man that's nuts but I am going to make my 69 GL AWD so maybe get an older porsche tranns you think that would work??

SoCalGL June 4th 2006 03:21

I saw your post on the the samba and someone responded about you would need a sequential tranny set up and not an H pattern like an original vw.. follow on this logic as it seems true older porsche trannies like the 915 etc. are usually stilll stick and thus keeping with the H style shifting... you would have to upgrade your tranny to an older g60 porsche tranny that is awd and auto then run the wiring harness for it etc. being a pain in the ***... if your looking into awd why don't you look at an audi tranny i don't know size and demensions but if you were to find one that would fit like out of a newer car and run the wiring you could prolly definately figure out how to run column shifters..but then again you still lookingat a tremedous amount of money , fabrication, ingeniuty and maybe about a month and a half of praying just hoping everythingworks out.. or better yet .. save yourself the trouble and go buy an audi!

kleinporsche June 4th 2006 03:56

I saw an add in Hotvw a couple of months ago. It was for sand rail: web site is:
It is designed to work with existing steering wheel and shift cable set-up.
Hope it helps.

chug_A_bug June 4th 2006 04:01

hey hey haha ya that's true maybe I'm just dreaming too far

chug_A_bug June 4th 2006 04:07

WOW thank you sooo much that's is soo sweet well I know what I'll be working for next lol (:eek:)

Accordion June 8th 2006 22:16

believe it or not, i had a kind of wild idea.

suzuki hayabusa engine with seqential transmission hooked up to paddle shifters....

its a very small, relatively lightweight engine that can make some amazing power and comes already mated to a 6 speed sequential. If you get a sequential paddle shifting setup like the one linked above, you would have a seriously fast (and probably pretty fuel efficient) beetle that could redline at 10k rpms :P

just think of cruising the highway in 6th gear.....

chug_A_bug June 8th 2006 22:59

hey thanks for your comment ya my buddy did that with a miata and it's crazy ya if you add a turbo to those hayabusa engine you can get like 380HP
I would love to put one in my bug but I got to keep it aircooled it's a bug thing haha.

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