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jmd April 15th 2009 15:50

86' 944T NIB X-drilled rotors with free rear arms.
***** these items are sold ******

***** thank you! ******

666bug April 16th 2009 00:15


before the site went down I had asked how much to ship to Australia post code QLD Brisbane but got no reply :eekno:

can you please PM me with cost and what you are willing to take for them as Lan is building the brakes now for my1303.:yumyum:

cudabnu April 17th 2009 22:54

How much for the rear 86 Turbo drilled rotors?

jmd April 22nd 2009 13:23

I am just trying to get into the correct year rotors and will throw in the arms just to help me get the right parts...
I have been offered up to 400.00 plus shipping but the guy backed out when payment was due...

Just make an offer that isn't a total lowball on the parts (rotors retail at over $500.00 from pelican parts less shipping that is what I paid for them)...

I'm not out to rip anyone off, nor to get ripped off.
I am tired of crappy buyers waisting my time.
If that's you, don't bother...

cudabnu April 27th 2009 14:00

I'm out, I never heard back, so I just bought a new set.

jmd April 27th 2009 14:26

really sorry we couldn't do a deal my PC detonated and took me offline for a few days... 8 (

thanks for the interest.

67dubcab May 8th 2009 02:55

86' rotors
I just need the rear turbo rotors but depending on shipping might take rear arms, I have a used pair of 90' s2 (same as late offset 951) rotors stock undrilled if that is useful to you . p.m. to discuss further.

jmd May 8th 2009 22:37

Please remove this thread as these items have sold.


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