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budgetbus April 7th 2005 07:15

what exhaust do you guys recommend?
for a t1 motor in my new 03 GL look project
and i want to keep my heat exchangers(im in the UK)

nice forum

vujade April 7th 2005 08:38

what size engine?

budgetbus April 7th 2005 09:18

well i just picked it 1300
my plans are for a mid sized type 1 motor but not this year i just want to ditch the stock system.....
in any case when i build my new moter it wont be balls out tune anyway ....just mild carburation and mild cam etc not after huge performance just a little more zip and driveability.....i was thinking of a hideout system
for example

samcat April 7th 2005 09:34

I used to run an Autocavan stainless steel hideout system when I ran a T1 engine, sounded sweet and gave pretty good ground clearence.

Sam C

typicalfashion April 7th 2005 15:43

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heres what i have it looks stock but sounds nice

budgetbus April 7th 2005 18:12


Originally Posted by typicalfashion
heres what i have it looks stock but sounds nice

not seen one of those before....
i take it its a states thing!
whats it called?

Lazarus April 8th 2005 20:20

i dont know what that one is but ahnendorp (BAS) makes one similar as does csp

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