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judgie February 12th 2005 07:55

set up help
have a 03 with 944 running gear,tca's are also rose jionted on the inner end.
running 7x16 front and 8x16 rear,type 4 motor,stripped out interor.
looking for some base settings on front camber and castor also toe.what should i be running the camber and toe at?
car is going to be used for sprints/hillclimbs and track days so needs to have very good turn in. not so importent stright line stabilty.
was thinking along the lines of 3*front camber and no toe in/out.and 2-3 camber on the rear with teo in.
any ideas?
cheers rob

puma-Alex February 12th 2005 09:24

Here are som links to the topic , good luck mr !

judgie February 12th 2005 13:32

both links give good guides into what dose what,but what im after is a starting point,somthing to work from.was hoping someone who is still active in the kafer cup or simaler is out thare and is willing to help.
cheers rob

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