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puma-Alex May 21st 2005 15:56

Type 181 flanges and frame forks
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Hello Guys .

As im mounting my gearbox these days, i wander if any of you have a pic or info on how much space i need to make in my frame forks when using 181 flanges .

Im also gonna use 944 ( 100 ) mm cv`s and axle shafts , rhino engine / gearbox mounts , and Berg front gearbox mount . So there shouldent be to much movement -

Pic of what i have by now , Right and left side



Bruce2 May 23rd 2005 16:19

As far as I know, if your pan is an original IRS pan, you don't have to do anything to the frame horns. They already have the necessary clearance for T181 flanges. Only the swing axle frame horns need to be clearanced when they are converted to IRS.

puma-Alex May 24th 2005 10:59

Thanks for the input mr Bruce ! My car is converted to irs , so thats part of the reason for the space issue .



70Ghia May 29th 2005 09:13

1cm to 1.5 cm

I had the same problem when I converted my pan over to IRS.
I moded the frame about 1 to 1.5 cm from the bottom of the tranny flange to the frame horn.
I have the 72-901 tranny but I am using the 1969 901 tranny flanges cause they have the same bolt pattern as the stock VW.
No matter what you type of flange you uce this should be enough room fot you.

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