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H2OSB January 20th 2014 02:44

Talbot Horizon brake calipers
Curious how much someone in Europe could get a set of Talbot Horizon front caliper for. I found a source in Europe that will ship to the USA (may be the only source), but the best price I can get, shipped to me, is about 209 Euros. That works out to about $141 per caliper. That's not horrible for 2 piston calipers with 48mm pistons that bolt to a Ghia spindle, but I was hoping to get them from less.

judgie January 20th 2014 05:09

I'm in the uk and thats a pretty good price for them. biggest problem is finding them as there a old car and not many shops will keep them. be carfull that you get the right ones as there 5 or 6 versions of a horizon depending on what engine it was fitted with so not sure which version the calipers you want are from.

H2OSB January 20th 2014 17:25

According to the Seume book, it's the MY '81-'85 cars. The car I was sourcing the calipers from is the 1.9l Diesel. Thanks for the warning though, I will relook at everything to make sure of what I'm buying.

After writing out the cost of these calipers in dollars, I must agree $141 doesn't sound too bad. I know you guys have to pay the VAT, which we in the States don't, so your price probably comes out similar to mine with all the shipping I have to pay.

H2OSB January 20th 2014 17:44

Judgie, wow, thanks for the heads up! As a result of your comment, I dug through the archives and found an old thread on here detailing the calipers required. I had the wrong part number. The correct calipers are slightly more expensive (only 8 more Euros) at about $152 each. Still, I think it's the way I will go for my front brakes.

H2OSB January 20th 2014 17:57

Can anyone who knows about this brake caliper conversion positively confirm the required part numbers? Based on the Seume book article, the cars these calipers come from are MY '81-'85 Talbot Horizons, however, this conversion was detailed in a thread on this site in 2007. Someone who actually purchased these calipers posted a pic of the end of the box they came in. The part numbers he listed do NOT come from an '81-'85 car.

Here I was thinking I had this all ironed out.... /sigh

subamaniac90 April 12th 2016 15:30

Hello, I just bought mine for 60 euros from a local car scrap. They are 48mm big pad Bendix ones.
FYI, all horizon calipers are interchangable to bug/ghia, but the ATE's have 44mm piston, Girling 44mm pistons and Bendix 48mm pistons. In addition each maker uses different pads.

H2OSB April 12th 2016 15:49

I'm pretty sure all of the Talbot Horizon caliper options had 48mm pistons

subamaniac90 April 12th 2016 16:10

"talbot horizon" 48mm pistons and "talbot simca" 44mm pistons are bolt on calipers on beetle spindle. There are 3 different talbot horizon models with different pads which can bolt on (small, medium and large pad) they become hard to find because these car were product during 70's 80's. The main issue with these calipers is there weight, especially the 48mm, whereas the 44mm are very similar to bug caliper and have the small pads (rabbit mk1 pad) which are the better one because "less blocking wheels" and not "singing" when you curb slowly.
Here you can see the Girling ones which have 48mm piston but medium pads
Ate's 44mm small pad
Bendix 48mm large pads

effvee May 23rd 2016 01:22[/QUOTE]

Good evening, about three years ago I bought four, four piston Porsche brembo. These calipers in my opinion, the ones I bought would be brake overkill. problematic in panic stops, raining conditions. I like the fix caliper part. What cars in the US did they come on?

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