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Sandeep April 17th 2005 23:00

Need complete IRS axle assembly !!
Does anyone have a spare IRS axle assembly (complete with both CV's ready to bolt on) ?

I broke something tonight ... I'm pretty sure the passenger side outer CV/axle intersection is broken (quick inspection with wheel removed). Let me know by tomorrow evening otherwise I'll have to order it. :(


petevw April 18th 2005 03:54

what were you doing? :D

steve has a bunch at the shop. i think my CV's are still on the shelf from when i converted to type2.

call me tomorrow evening if you want. i'm working the graveyard shift this week, it's not too bad, 'cause working on some parts for the split ;) .

Sandeep April 19th 2005 13:49

Broke the bearing cage in the passenger outside CV joint coming around a corner and downshifting at then getting on it :( I'm thinking the CV joint was old/worn out, not sure though.

A call to CAA and got it home on a flat deck for no charge and no damage. :agree:

I have a new CV joint, will install it tomorrow night. Time to think about an upgrade to T2 CV joints. Lanner is helping out with this one.


boygenius April 19th 2005 17:23

I hate to hop on to this post to plug my stuff for sale but I have to. I have a set of type 1 standard length race axles for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

ajracer April 25th 2005 17:53

Greetings Sandeep
If any use to you I have a few 901 / 914 axles that I believe may be of use
along with a VW bus axle Much stronger, but also larger). Bus axles I understand
are the way to go if you need strength and better range of

Drop me a line aslo forward your contact tel# since I misplaced previous ones. Thanks


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