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TOW74 May 30th 2005 21:31

New brake lines
What's up everyone?

I just got a new set of brake lines for my 1974 cabrio. I'm using the 944 single pot brake set up. My question is, should I hook up the brake lines to a non turbo 944 master cylinder just like you would hook up the lines to a stock super master cylinder? Or should the lines be changed around for best stopping power? If someone out there can help me I would like that very much. If you have pics please show them. Thanks, TOW74 , Peace! :confused:

TOW74 June 17th 2005 07:59

No advice at all? :(

Thanks, TOW74,

rip June 17th 2005 17:11

about the size of the lines the stock ones should be fine as long as the flaring is the same.

Now, whether or not you should swap the master cylinder lines, well...are you running 944 brakes all the way round? cause if you are then really you have a 944 setup, so why change the routing?

The only reasoning why I would swap them is if your rears lock up first. Do they?

TOW74 June 17th 2005 22:27

Rip, :)

Thanks for your responce. Rip, I am running 944 brakes all the way around. The brakes are not completely done but I will let you know if they lock up in the rear. I was just a little concerned about how to would run the brake lines because you read some of the threads in the forum about switching the brake lines for the stopping power. Thanks your advice is a big help, when I am done I will have some pics.

Peace! TOW74,

rip June 18th 2005 15:27

oh now I get it

yea the other posts with swapping the front and back lines were because some people run 4 pot calipers up front and large single cylinder piston brakes in the rear.

When you do this somtimes the rear calipers will need more volume, more fluid, to operate. So... people swap the lines because most master cylinders have a larger front bias.

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