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experimentalbug February 7th 2004 05:41

Questions about experimentalbugs ride
Click here for more information on this ride.

zen February 7th 2004 10:47

looks like you have a pretty cool poject underway. look forward to seeing more of it.

Racelook February 7th 2004 15:03

Verry nice project man!!!!

Keep us posted!!

Wiebrand :laugh:

ricola February 9th 2004 07:34

Wow, sounds like a hell of a project!

Any pics of the chassis/suspension? Tried your website but couldn't find anything for the bug...


experimentalbug February 19th 2004 11:13

I think the Project should be finnished up to Summer 2005 latest.... On my Website it is neccessary ot sign up as Member first. Once you are logged in you can see many Picutures and a Diary about the Turbobug Project. The language is Germany only.... Sorry for that, but I don't have the Time to create the Pages in English, too.
Picutes of the Chassis are not availabe yet. I think in May this Year I can tell you moore stuff about the suspension.


Ashraf March 11th 2004 06:19

Love your motor
see you have some serious **** going on in your motor..wicked!!!
just curious to find out what she does on a 1/4 mile..
if possible could you mail me some pics of motor.(
Lovely stuff!!

experimentalbug March 4th 2006 14:55

Time is passing by sooo fast.... The chassis is nearly completed. I've also upgraded the wheels to the 18" BBS.
Engine connection to the G50 Transmission is solved using a CNC Flywheel based on Porsche RS style to fit the flanged crank of the Typ1. The clutch is from Sachs Race Engineering with 240mm diameter and capable of handling 790Nm torque. Nice feature is the timing wheel with the 60-2 thooth pattern which fits to the engine management system. So no additional sender is required at the front of the engine.

kleinporsche March 4th 2006 15:48

WOOOHOOOO! Finally some updates on your project experimentalbug!!!! That's great, I am truly looking forward the end of your project. I mean, the bug even looks good unpainted! Keep us updated! Do you have fuel rails on your carbs? What is your carburation and can you tell what your website adress is?

Racelook March 5th 2006 06:04

Verry cool project...

Heigo cage?


euro1302s March 5th 2006 13:37

Wow! love the suspension, just by looking at it, it will surely be something. :agree:

volkdent April 22nd 2006 13:08

Looking amazing. I'd love to see some pics of your front suspension setup to compare the design to mine. The link to your website didn't work, what is the site name?



DORIGTT May 2nd 2006 10:43

What is your web address with the additional pictures?

DORIGTT June 1st 2006 00:53

Jiggle Jiggle

Panelfantastic June 1st 2006 12:36

Bumpity bump... :D

PJLOval July 5th 2006 13:38

Can you tell me what you are using for rear uprights?

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