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fastdub January 24th 2007 13:00

i remember reading an article written by keith seume, where he said 'german look cars have to be equipped with 17" wheels minimum' or words to that effect

in my opinion the greatest german looker ever built is christian steltzer's marathon blue 1303, and that runs 15" bbs split rims

a close 2nd to that is the burgandy semi auto that runs 16" compomotive fuchs-esque split rims

does a true german looker need track inspired features ?

Axl January 24th 2007 22:02

17" rims seem to be the standard , but just like most styles , its all up to the individual's taste and perception of what the look is . In my opinion , with so many different rim manufacturers and styles , its next to impossible to say you have to run a certain type of rim to be considered a GL car . If everyone had the same style rim , this would fast become a cookie-cutter style of car . Of course , that's just my opinion , and I am sure there will be someone dissagreeing with what I have said . That's fine ,they are allowed to have their opinions , no matter how wrong they are!!!!:D

Veedub February 1st 2007 00:41

Well Im new to the VW Bugs in general, I knew about the cal look, but did no know a German look existed.I like both looks and thought og a GL/CL combo would be cool.I think GL focuses on mostly fiberglass add ons as I notice you you need wider fenders for wider tires and so on. Also they focus on handling, and performance. But cal look, focuses on just performance and there bodies are stock and to me they do the same constant things over and over.Originally I was a fan of the Jap Imports. (ricers as you call them)My friends are ricers :laugh: they own hondas and when they heard I went to the darkside they were :eek: and were like 'Why",and well my issue with those cars was there to expensive to build up, for a sentra, a 4-2-1 header costs 499.95 now compare that to a header for a bug :laugh:So one day I went and picked up a HVW mag and there was a bug (it was GL but I didnt know at the time) it was orange and had nice rims (was 1 year ago anyway) then I wanted a bug and got a 72 Standard bug for 500 bucks.
Sorry for getting off subject, kind of, anyway in my opinion, GL is like the "ricer" world of the VW area, sorry no offense, but thats my opinion.

EvilAngel February 1st 2007 01:32

Hi vewedub, I must differ with you, since "ricers" are not all jap imports, but, strictly speaking, jap import posers. Those who add 20'' rims and a three feet wing on a civic, and then keep the engine stock. Those who want to look like racers but are just posers, those are ricers to me (ant to several sources of information as well).

GL, instead, focuses on performance above all. The fenders are just there to keep the wide tires inside, and the wider tires have a function. Every body mod must be there because of a function. No bling bling here, no neon lights and the like. Just performance, in every sense, from brakes to engine. And, as you point, GL is more about circuit, while CL is morea bout drag racing.

Veedub February 1st 2007 01:38


Originally Posted by EvilAngel (Post 56770)
And, as you point, GL is more about circuit, while CL is morea bout drag racing.

ok true but wouldnt it be cool if you do a GL/CL combo that does both?:laugh: :laugh:

EvilAngel February 1st 2007 01:49

it certainly would be, but there are things that are just incompatible. CL uses skinny tires on the front for decreasing drag, while GL uses fat tires all arounf for added grip. Also the source of inspiration of both styles is very different, one being based on kafer cup cars, and late style european cars; and the other being based on what a car club thought would be cool in the early 70's. There is, however, a more important fact here. What YOU want, the way you like your car. It really doesn't matter if it's a true gl or a true CL the only thing that matters is that you like your car, and that it truly expresses your way of life, or whatever you intend to express with it. Styles, as I see them, are more like a guideline. The only style that matters, or that should matter to you anyway, is your style. Take me for example. Is my car going to be a TRUE GL, having no porsche part at all? Some would say it isn't but who cares, anyway. It's the way I like it, and it would look more than a GL than like anything else, and it certainly will perform GL-style

Veedub February 1st 2007 01:57

Yeah , take mine for example it isnt a cal look or a german look (im staying the 2 tone by the way, with my idea I got) ;)
Im going to run the current 15x4.5's front and rear with 195/60's, then narrow the front beam (since the front wheels stick out) 2 or 3" or to where my tire can tuck in the fender and for rear since its right even with the fender, i'll buy 1.25" wider fenders, then lower the whole car 3" front and rear, I think the tires will tuck in the fenders kind of.Not GL or CL but its what I want. :D I mean it will have handling upgrades like the typical GL, but power to run the 1/4 like a typical CL, if the 195's on 4.5" wheels dont spin at take off (if I was to take it to the track) :laugh:

Sorry if I hi jacked the thread, donno if I did or not though.

effvee February 12th 2007 15:05


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 48644)
Martin Botts 1303 from a few posts down is what I would describe as a typical 'German' car:

If you look closely, you will see its almost stock on the outside, but the quality of the built oozes off from it...
Like I said before, german-style is what its about, not german-'Look' :rolleyes:

Hi, well the car looks good enough to frame, and remind oneself to stay on track, stay the course:D

oasis February 13th 2007 12:12

Looks close enough to my car. :laugh:


wrenchnride247 February 13th 2007 12:52

Oasis, I think Martin has you beat... He's got a German license plate:rolleyes: :laugh:

Wally February 13th 2007 15:19


Originally Posted by oasis (Post 57103)
Looks close enough to my car. :laugh:

Ditto :D

Plus, our cars are AIRCOOLED ! Big difference IMnot-soHO hihi.

dirk.Gysbrechts February 13th 2007 16:07

awesome car Walter...and i mean it!!!!!!!!!!!:)

chug_A_bug February 13th 2007 16:34

they are all sweet cars guys... Wally what did you get on the Dyno?? whats the specs on that car??


Wally February 13th 2007 17:41

Tnx Dirk, and yours too of course!

Chris, I 'll update my 'q's about Wally's ride' thread so this thread can stay OT ;)

oasis February 14th 2007 07:06


Originally Posted by wrenchnride247 (Post 57106)
Martin has you beat... He's got a German license plate

:trophy: :D


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 57108)
Ditto [on looking close to Martin Botts 1303]

I have always admired your car, too. I love your smart looking wheels. :agree: :agree:

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