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graham August 24th 2014 18:48

Ok fellas here is a car I have just stumbled across I thought this would make an interesting addition to this thread.Ok its a bit off topic of what constitutes your traditional German Look Beetle, big engine, air-cooled lump big brakes and so on but is this car German look ??????? However you look at this, or the term German Look in my eyes this fits the bill and is simply stunning :cool::cool:

German Look Hot Rod ?????

Goliath July 7th 2018 08:24

Check this out
Where did the front bumper on this AWESOME 1303 come from- I love it and it suits the car sooo well!!

effvee July 7th 2018 12:06

Anymore pictures?

chug_A_bug August 24th 2018 21:32

Looks Custom...

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