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vujade August 8th 2002 09:00

What it all boils down to is people in general want to be part of something bigger then themselves. They want to be part of a group of like minded people (thats why we have clubs, organizations, & even churchs)

It all begins when a few like minded people get together, they lay down a set of rules & regulations & then everyone in the group has to adhere to them (*see footnote). If they dont do this, when new people want to be part of the group, it will be contaminated by those that think differently, this will cause those in the group to guestion their own thinking. And they wouldnt want that! No, most people dont want to think for themselves, they would rather be told what to think. Most people are followers, not leaders.

*Just look at clubs like DKPIII (nothing personal against DKPIII) for example, they are so rigid its not even funny! Doesn't this take away your individualism? Doesn't this lead to boredom? Doesn't this make things become stagnant?

Innovate, dont imitate!

vujade August 8th 2002 09:13

woops! :)

Pepper August 9th 2002 15:30

chromed german look ??
Hello im a new guy here, graet forum

I recently had the family 74 supper passed down to me, It in great condition except for the motor. I’m in the process of putting a 1984 Mazda 12A in it . I’ve bin trying to decide on the style and color that I would like when I ran across a picture of a “German look” bug, it blew me away that was the look I wanted…BUTT I love the chrome look of the “retro” and so “cals”. Than one day I came across a picture of a “chromed german look” it has a classic look to it, I instantly fell in love with it. It still has the European look to it, and its chromed! I think the german look is a great style, and is very flexible

Superman August 9th 2002 23:06

Rear view of same car:

trevorbrady August 14th 2002 09:56


Originally posted by NYBugman1972

Germanlook is, to me, the modernization of an air-cooled VW.

Large wheels (porsche or not), upgraded brakes (porsche or not), upgraded suspention, cruising oriented tranny, good tires, clean paintjob (chrome is optional), clean interior. It's all about the total package. It's not about the speed, its about the attitude. I like mine with more of a road-friendly (comfortable, I call it orientation, like an actual interior, built for cruising. That's about it.

My definition is pretty open. I'm not going count a car out for still running drums in the rear (like me or Brian "Phat73vw"), or for having a stock or small displacement engine (Trevor Brady). It's about attitude. Who can deny the sheer attitude of Brian's or Trevor's cars?

HaHa! Thanks Mike! I never considered my little bug as having 'attitude'!
For me it's just the way I want it. If you look through the old pages of my website (which is due an overhaul and move to a new service provider) I had initially intended for loads of Porsche gear, but as Bren noted, I can't justify the expense of Porsche brakes, type 4 engine conversion and carbon fibre parts for my bug, at least not at the moment.
Everything on the car is down to my personal taste, from the black wheels to the Porsche gauges. I have received mixed reactions from people about the choice of wheels and their colour, but I don't care. I'm happy with it.
I know I've always called my bug a German Looker. I'm not so sure I want to classify it anymore.

Can I start the 'Irish Look' here and now? ;) :p
Just kiddin!

Superman August 14th 2002 10:43


Originally posted by trevorbrady

I have received mixed reactions from people about the choice of wheels and their colour, but I don't care. I'm happy with it.
and that's all that matters

WipEout August 15th 2002 05:26


Originally posted by Superman
One thing I wondered, how does everyone feel about my CCC Porsche 911 Carrera style Whailtail... is that Germanlook? [/B]
Just so long as you don't have ferrari style "vented" fenders, a la Mulholland Look, you'll be alright. As for the different "looks" to these cars, I've gone more in the direction of function over form. T-4 engine, kaefer-kup braces, 80mm front struts (Topline), tuner wheels, etc etc. I'm gonna paint it monochrome Maroon(maybe?), only because I can't afford any sort of graphics or detailing, and I'm sure as hell not going with big vinyl stickers all over the car like the ricers around here do. I don't like calling the German Look "German Look," it's more Porsche performance to me. The "Euro" or "French" looks are straigh tout Tuner performance to me, with the tuner wheels, Hi-Po motors, extravagant paintjobs, and all. If Fast and the Furious were about Bugs, Euro/French-look VWs would be the basis for the movie, not Supras and S2000s... All in all the look of your car is YOUR look. You can try to generalise you VW if you want to, but your individuality will always seep through somehow, thus segregating your car from the norm...

I'm sure all this has been said before, but I had to state my ideas, too, not being one who likes to be left out of the conversation... :)


airwerks August 16th 2002 20:31

I would hate to see germanlook have such rigid parameter's as cal look. Don't get me wrong, I love cal look-except for for all the "rules". If we say porsche stuff only, the segment is just going to turn into all the cars looking the same-exactly what gets annoying with cal-look.

I figure my project as german look, and there isn't a porsche part on it. Brakes are off a Dodge stratus and wheels are 17" chrome momo's- body will have all fact. chrome. To me german look is just about making an old car more updated with wheels/tires/trans/

just rambling. :rolleyes:

vwman1 August 19th 2002 22:33

Purple Super (1303)
Can any body tell me where I can find pictures/more info on that cool looking Purple Super Beetle (1303) featured on the back inside page of every Volksworld issue in the HIC insurance ad, for the last 7 months? Thanks


Alex August 19th 2002 22:56

It was covered in the Volksworld mag in April 2001.
I do not have a scanner. Sorry.


vwman1 August 20th 2002 21:48


Chris Percival August 21st 2002 04:11

That purple 03 is my favourite German looker....

Jeannot August 22nd 2002 22:59

"VolksWorld" Summer '02 Definition
Just got my copy of the Summer issue of "Volksworld". A gorgeous looking "Euro Looker" is on the cover and warrants four pages. The car is an 1982. The owner lives in Holland. The articles author states that:
"Both German-Look and Euro-Look cars are externally very similar, but we use the term German Look to describe equally impressive underpinnings. If a car looks the part but doesn't have the big Type 4 motor or Porsche gearbox and brake conversions, we refer to it as a Euro-Looker. SImple, huh?"

Sueme, in his piece in the same issue refers to the GL as "... you know, big Porsche wheels, four wheel discs and a big Type 4 engine ..."

By the way the car has a little Remmele type roofspoiler courtesy of Franky's VW Services.


Andy August 29th 2002 04:17

That was interesting reading...

I do not think that there is a written statement of what a German Look Beetle should look like, if there was all GL Beetles that matched the German Look would look more or less the same.

As far as I am aware, German Look was a term cooked up by Volks World after seeing this type of car at the shows on the continent. Correct me if I am wrong.

All beetles are individual, and I think all the cars that have been mentioned have that "German Look" slant. This is why we are all on this site! The individuality makes our cars interesting, and opens up discussion like this. The only German Look ones that I perhaps question are the pre 1967. But this is my opinion.

Im my opinion the best Geramn Look is a late model ('70s), perferably a '03 with modern big wheels (not 17inch BRMs) with wide lower profile tyres, and colour coded bumpers, tinted windows, high performance type 4 out the back and a BAS exhaust and a oil cooler under a vented front valance, roll cage, modern interior with lots of carbon, lack of chrome, and all trim colour coded, braced under the bonnect, lightened and drilled where appropriate, uprated supsension and roll bars, five speed box, limited slip diff, etc, etc...

I think the idea of the German look is the look of the Kafer-cup cars, and most of these modifications were done to make the cars more competetive.

I would descibe my car as a type of German Look, but I am going to have a large type 1 out the back, instead of the favoured type 4, and it will have a Turbo Muffler, which is more Cal look. This is more due to budget etc..

I have all the trim, some is left in Chrome, quarter lights etc. But I still think mine is GL, it is defo not Cal Look.

Let me know what you think

Philippe August 30th 2002 01:12

Nicely put, Andy.

I think that germanlook is simply a non-traditional approach to aircooled VW performance. We're modernizing our cars to perform in all aspects of driving. It's not just the going fast, it's the stopping fast and the cornering fast. Callook cars can't really touch us when it comes to spanking that curvy stretch of mountain road.

And I strongly agree that the GL is best suited for late model VWs. Late models have the best performing suspensions, lend themselves better to the modern styling of the equipment we use on our cars, and they also have the best visability through the larger windows.

I would think it would suck to look up at my mirror and see mostly headliner and a little oval of road behind me. I'm not trying to bash early model GLs because they can pull it off like no one's business. Anyone else see that turbo-ed oval GL at the last sac. bug o rama?

check it out here

Anyway this is all opinion. I just think it's about performance, not the size of the rims and the name on the brakes. The only thing I would say you would HAVE to have to have a GL would be low profile tires.

All this from a guy who's planning a type 4 engine, single pot 944 brakes and big porsche alloys. Sounds traditional GL- except that I have a full interior, a nice stereo, and all of my trim intact.

vwman1 August 31st 2002 19:06

'82 Black Mex bug-German look
Can anybody tell me where I can find out more info on that BLACK '82 Mexican bug that was featured in the Jan '01 Super VW magazine as well as the the June '02 VWtrends? I like his Remelle rear spoiler the best. Clean and nest. I really like the black German-look bug. That bug got me started on this information search.

kdanie September 3rd 2002 16:58

Stealth German Look??
Ok, I've been watching this thread for a while and decided to throw my two cents in....for what it's worth (probably less than 2 cents).
German Look/Euro look, the name means little to me. I like the no rules, go for the performance concept. I think Jak has that one down!
Here's my project that is a little more than half done:
'68 irs beetle, chrome strips removed, stock steel fenders, '73 tail lights (the flat ones, no not the clear ones!), front turn signals removed/filled, H4 headlights with driving lights and turn signals built in. Early euro blade bumpers because they are cleaner and less bulky.
902 Porsche 5 speed, I just screwed an old Hurst "T" handle on it (I miss my old muscle cars)!! That should mess up someones preconceived notions!
2.0L type 4 with 911 cooling, 10-1 compression, custom cam, many high tech coatings used in and on the engine, engine is built, I am currently building a header for it.
944 disk brakes, early, easy to mount, if I need more I will call Wilwood and go for the big stuff.
'82 911 SC seats
914 tach in the speedo hole
912 speedo in speaker panel
VDO ****pit gages to cover the other vitals
912 steel wheels/hubcaps with 195s in front and 205s rear
Looking at it you may think it is a Callook until you step closer and see what is really under the skin.
I'm about a year longer than I thought but still under the $6000 budget (until paint). I am fortunate to be able to do all the work myself (except engine machine work).
Things I'm thinking about-full roll cage, 1" sway bar to fit my 2" narrowed beam, racing buckets, OOPS there goes the budget!
To be quite blunt-if GL goes the way of Callook with rules, it will become the same boring cookie cutter type cars (I think that dead horse is starting to smell!).
Looks can be deceiving,

Andy September 4th 2002 09:05

Re: Stealth German Look??

Originally posted by kdanie

914 tach in the speedo hole
912 speedo in speaker panel
VDO ****pit gages to cover the other vitals

I like that idea! my dash is a padded 1303 dash, with the make believe wood, but I assume that the 944 tacho would go in ok. Is it a fairly easy mod?

But where the hell could I put the speedo? all other gauges are at present in a tunnel mounted console, would like to move them upto eye height, but where?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

kdanie September 4th 2002 10:52

Andy, I've never seen a 1303 dash in person so I can't be much help. Both my type 1s are '68 standards, one swing axle one IRS. I'm sure some of the forum members would be willing to post pictures of thier dash set ups.

Chris Percival September 4th 2002 11:00

Andy, you either have to mount it above or below the dash, or mod the dash to accept the tacho. The dash is made of metal (under the foam). Heres how to mod the dash to accept for dials:

- Remove the foam from the dash, best remove the whole dash to do this.
- Cut off the speedo housing, and surrounding area.
- Create a new dial pod out of aluminium sheet, hows about a nice curve following the curve of the steering wheel? Or a 911 style dash?
- Fix the new pod to the dash with rivets, or nuts and bolts.
- Fix in a plate to hold your new dials.
- Paint the whole dash in matt black or body color, or how's about carbon look stick on film? Or get it trimmed in leather!


vujade September 4th 2002 17:33

as much as I like a center mounted tach, I really dont see it when I really need it the would be far better on top of the dash, more at eye level.... just my 2 cents

lightning bug September 4th 2002 21:26

My tach is also mounted in the center. However...... it has been proven that the eye reacts faster when moved side-to-side rather than up and down. This is why Toyota mounted the guages atop the dash in the Echo. It might be better for vision atop the dash. Also, FWIW, the eye also reacts faster to different color lights. This is why VW uses blue dash lights in the MK4's, so I've heard.

Supa Ninja September 5th 2002 10:36

My Supa is on its way to being a German Looker, I just installed a set of Maxx struts , I have set of Suzuki Sprint GTI seats and I'm working on getting a couple of Type IV engines, Porsche tranny, 944 discs, and 17's. I am a little burnt out on the cal look . Philippe I did see the GL oval and it was a very nice piece. German look to me is taking my 30 year old Volkswagen changing and modifing it so that it "drives" better, in the process it may end up performing better than most of the cars on the road today. I won't call my Supa a eurolook cause thats what all those honda cars call themselves.


Superman September 6th 2002 02:53

They should call the rice burners Asialook :silly:

lightning bug September 6th 2002 23:03

What's Euro about 12 tier wings and illuminated windshield washer squirters? Don't forget the graphics--- always a power adder.:silly:

NYBugman1972 September 17th 2002 15:02

My dash has that setup! 914 tach in speedo hole. 914 speedo in speaker hole. 5 VDO's, 2 opposite from the speedo and 3 in the radio hole. Carbon Joe custom blue panels and glove box door overlay. It all went together pretty easily. And I retained my dashpad.

I do have a 1302, though. Pics are in my Yahoo album.

Eurolook71 September 18th 2002 01:51

Hey Mike I was curious, where DID you get the 1302S emblem?!!?

I NEED one!!!

lightning bug September 18th 2002 16:17

There's a 1302LS badge on German Ebay now.

NYBugman1972 September 18th 2002 17:17

Exactly. Got it for somethng like $10-$15 shipping. It took a little while for checks to clear and communications, but it's easier than finding one stateside, and probably cheaper.

cre8iv1 September 24th 2002 14:17

what does that badge look like...any pics?

NYBugman1972 September 25th 2002 07:13

there you go!

Andy White October 2nd 2002 09:54

My definition of German look...
Look at any of the German factory built cars in the last decade, Porsche, VW, BMW, Mercedes, and you will see that they are all purposeful, very well engineered, technically advanced and clean in their design.

Also look at the German laws. TUV would never pass a bug running pathetic 135's stretched over a 6.5j rim. They'd also never pass a 2ltr bug with drum brakes. If you have a true GL it'd pass the TUV laws. No solenoid doors. No skimpy tyres. No big engines without uprated discs all-round. No stingers. etc. etc.

My bug has some very heavy bodymods, along with many subtle ones. The overall look is extremely clean and subtle without compromising safety or purpose. It doesn't have fat arches, spoilers or scoops.

Is it a German Looker? I think so. It's going to be fast without compromising safety, it's well engineered, purposeful and a damn site better than when it left the factory in 1955.

Supa Ninja October 4th 2002 16:04

I am a bit hooked on this site. There is so much information for my little brain to absorb. I've learned a great deal on what is a very new look in the Northern Cali area. I am also liking all the advice from Germany, England, Austrailia, Canada, and Ireland. It is a very cool that we have an international thing here, and that there is a lot of helping of each other out. Thats what our industry is all about.
The German Look is the next level of evolution for our beloved Volkswagens. This is the modern day version of when the Cal Look started in the late 60's and early 70's and the Volkwagen was the 'Giant Killer' on the drag strip now our little monsters will be ruling the realm of the ciruit racing , the street, or anywhere else we decide to go. And unlike the Cal Look which is very locked on what you can and can't do, the German Look has a very open minded approach to making speed, do whatever you have to do to go fast and look good while doing it.
Kids are going to see our rides that are 'wolves in sheep clothing', and not want a honda like every other teenager has, they will want to be different, they will want a GL VW, and the Beetle will continue to be Immortal, cause rice burners are just a fad and fads die.

Eurolook71 October 5th 2002 02:57

I'm totally with ya on that Supa, this site is completely off the hook! I wish I had my 71' here with me, but had to leave up in Idaho cause it dropped a valve, and wanted to leave asap. I want another bug...but dang...I want MY bug!!

Anyways. I love how this new look is really starting to let the bugs (any a/c VW for that matter!) potential really show, like it has so many times in the past, just this time, it's OUR look, not some look that has been done over and over (and over) since the early 70s (cal-look/resto-custom). Even though this look has been done for a while in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc...its time this look hit the US, and man did it hit hard!

I really like how this new "look" has soooooo many exceptions, and not as strict like many cal-look clubs. I mean, I really like a standard, riding on 17" turbo twists, to a Super done up kafer-cup style, with fender flares, and deep dish BBS racing wheels, its ENDLESS!!!!!

Thanks everyone that has contributed to making/designing/maintaining this website. You ROCK!!

Pillow November 13th 2002 16:11

So much good input already! Let me just throw in a little bit. Granted these are all opinions and I think our Euro scene is so "fresh" it is kind of hard to put definitions around it yet.

First off I think there is a definite distinction between Cal, Euro, German, Rice, and Cup looks. Let me breakdown my view for each one.

German Look: First off CLEAN, like Andy said. I venture to say minimum chrome, mono tone paint (preferably a Glasurit Porsche color, some colors period specific to go with the components you are running), Porsche brakes, Porsche wheels, Porsche Tach (preferably center mount as in a 911/4), any other Porsche guages you can fit in as well that look classy. The interior gets dicey, but Porsche/Recaro seats would be a plus. T1 or T4 engine with 911 shroud, of course. No fiberglass or carbon fiber (as in a real Porsche would be)

EuroLook: Big discs, Euro wheels (non-porsche), carbon fiber, Beetle rear lights (seems common part these days), non-stock seats, no chrome. Pearl paint jobs like on the Audis or other high tech paints. Big T4 motor. Bascially any non-Porsche parts you can grab off other Euro cars and make it look good. Carbon fiber and fiberglass welcome.

Cup Look: All I can say here is all out racer trim. Gutted interior and only what is needed to monitor the engine (speedo optional). Mostly these seem to use heavy duty Porsche stuff, but it is optional if other solutions exist. Of course zero chrome and probably Lexan windows and fiberglass/carbon everything possible.

Ricer Look: Yah there are some bling bling VWs out there. Hard to define, but go to the shows and it shows up.

Cal Look: Everyone knows this look. Worse performance in a turn than stock, pitiful. I like the look in some ways but it is 30 year old technology which is piss poor given the options available today.

Most people end up EuroLook in my opinion (heck that is what I will end up with as well) even though they might want GermanLook.

Heck look at our scene right now! There are very few GL or EL cars out there at all. Some are show ponies anyway which blows :( I think Jak is the best example we have right now (that I know of -so no offense to anyone) of what our goal is with our cars. Daily driver that tears up the track on the weekends.

I like Joe Cali's words the best "NextGen". The nect generation of what the Beetle should have been to compete in a modern market against the European cars. Big brakes, T4 engine, good seats, good sound system, reliable, fast driver.

I find it striking that one person does not see the pre-68 cars as a true GL. And I have to agree to an extint that they are not the easiest to pull off the look nor the most adaptable. To be honest I doubt it is possible (or look good) to make a true GL early Beetle. Why? The early bumpers need to stay chrome which kills the GL thing, also the door windows. Granted earlys do make a nice EL :)

Sorry if my views are little more ridgid than most, but that is the way I see it.

Jim Long November 23rd 2002 12:59

Totally agree with VUJADE's response.

In 1970 I put the motor, brakes and wheels from my recently "totaled" '65 Porsche (356), into my wife's otherwise stock "66 Bug. Was that an early German Look car????

NextGen November 24th 2002 23:39

If you want to see something different check out my SLICED BUMPERS. . My car is now under a new restore, wider CCC fenders, early head lights and now my SLICED BUMPERS will be Chrome.

I call them sliced because I take stock later then 70 bumpers and cut out the middle black 1" area. I do it on a band saw and make to full length cuts. What you then have is two "L" shapes that you overlap the top over the bottom then bolt is together. What you get is a bumper 1/3 the thickness,yet the same design. It is a clean look, yet strong and shows off your body work while still protecting your car. Quite a Unique look.
Joe Cali - Next

Ron Roberts November 24th 2002 23:50

I think of it as what is the car set up to do. If it is set up to handle curves and mountain roads, and still be at home on the long open straits I give it a German O.K. If it is set up optimally for the 1/4 mile with low gearing and skinny front tires and a 1/4 mi. suspension then its not a German looker.


Wally November 27th 2002 15:21

Vujade, Alex,
I agree with most of your opinions on the description of the German Look style and how to deal with styles.
For many years I have seen germans cars come to our bug shows here in the Netherlands (thats next to Germany). The thing that struck us was that they all seem to have a certain quality about them. Their cars looked better in some way. You could by just looking at cars and not looking at the licence plates see where they came from (germany or the Netherlands). It was thought by us that germans were more 'car minded' and spended more money on them and it showed big time. More and more if one of our cars looked like it was tuned in a quality like way, we called it the germans look.
I missed therefore two very important words in these posts: Understatement and Quality.
IMHO the best start for a understatemant bug would be to start with the most technically advanced bug they made: the model 1975 1303, mostly since it has the Golf style struts (as of 1974) and the latest steering system (1975 only; of course all converts have it as well from 1975 onwards) (don't know the english term for that steering type now).
It's just my personal best car, although the Germanlook applies to all other models as well, I agree.

I hope to have contributed somewhat on this topic,

Keep up the good atmosphere here! I enjoy it.

Take care,

Wally November 27th 2002 16:12

In addition to my former post and as a reply to Pillow on the German Look: The abundance of Porsche parts is not neccesary for the German Look qualification, but evolved so because most Porsche parts are excellent quality and fit outright in most cases (944 rear suspension has even VW stamped parts in it!... really, and the brake system bolts right on as we know). The porsche parts are most of all a must to keep the power in one piece and the car on the road.
We must not give the idea that we are wannebee Porsche owners by srewing as many P parts on our car as possible! Hell, for the money we (I) spend on the car, I could buy a very decent 911!, but that's not the thrill for me. Anybody with some money can buy a Porsche and drive fast. To get the degree of understatement from a bug that we make and embarres other modern sport cars is much more difficult. And more fun to boot!

About 15 years ago, we held a meeting for original minded bug owners and 'other' together. There was a very beautifull oval, totally stock but for the 5,5 inch wheels. The original guys loved it. Then he drove to the sprint lane and the original guys looked up a little: what was he doing there? When he floored it (one of the first 2,4 l type's on the road here) there eyes popped almost out and I couldn't stop grinning for about a week or so... Pure understatment. Maybe not exactly German Look but it was a start.
Thanks Rens Ruts, for that experience!

Take care all,

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