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Sandeep February 4th 2004 17:58

Infrared thermometers
Has anyone used one of these devices ? Its a device that you point at an object and it records what the surface temperature of the object is without touching the object.

There are some good deals on ebay right now and I was thinking of using one to measure brake temps, tire temps, engine temps after a hard run on the highway. Would be cool to see exactly how hot certain parts of the car are after some fast driving.

Thoughts ?


Rob February 4th 2004 18:18

I've read about racers using them to measure tire temps and that way determining if the tires are inflated propely.

Could be useful for autox....


boygenius February 4th 2004 20:01

I've had mine for years and I love it. You can also tell if a cylinder is running hotter or colder than the rest. You will find yourself measuring the temperture on everything. :laugh:

Sandeep February 4th 2004 22:01

:righton: Cool .. good to hear .. now just got to get a good deal ! :cool:

When I finish a hard drive, I can hold the intake manifold on 1-2 side for about 10-15 seconds but on 3-4 side, I can only hold it for about 5 seconds before it gets too hot. Hopefully I can now see how hot and maybe see if 3-4 side is running a little lean compared to 1-2.


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