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BigPhattyVW December 31st 2007 20:08

What kind of seat do you like?!?!
Hello everybody!!

Man its been a while since I posted, so here is a post that should get everybody's brain a scratchin!

So I recently purchased a bug that came with some racing seats with it. The previous owner told me that the tracks that they are running on are kinda generic and actually make the seat much taller than stock. The bug also came with a 4 point single release racing seat belts.

Those are pretty nice to look at but man they are a pain in the butt!! Probably because the seat track is too high first of all. I think that 5 point racing seat belts where everything connects into one central clip is the best choice. My friend had those in his Ghia and they were a breeze to get in and out from. The 4 points are annoying because you have to loosen them up if you want to get out of them rather than just click and done.

Now for the main course:D what is your favorite racing seat and seat belt that you have used or a currently using. In fact lets open this up and include steering wheels as well!:p

Thanks in advance for all your feedback
Happy New Year

Superman January 1st 2008 10:15

There is only one seat, Recaro.
There is only one steering wheel, MOMO.

You should consider nothing else, this is the finest craftsmanship and quality.

BigPhattyVW January 2nd 2008 18:19

That's good! Now if you have any specific seats and steering wheels, that would be awesome!!!


Bug@5speed(US) January 2nd 2008 21:22

Not sure what your requirements are as far as price, and performance.

If you looking to do just club or weekend track days.. I would recommend as a low cost option the corbeau clubman.. usually around 350 or so..

They are not the perfect seat, but they do secure you quite well, and the price is a positive.

Negatives on it, are the material will wear over time, the plastic pieces that hold the fabric where the belts go thru on the top of the seat may come loose, and if you can afford some extra padding for the lubar section, I would recommend it. I found them lacking a little in lubard support.

If your not looking for bling, they may be your ticket.


NO_H2O January 2nd 2008 23:17

If you are looking for some comfort and durability. Look at some OEM seats from the salvage yard. I got a set of seats from an 04 Celica GTS and they fit nice, Keep you well planted and you can sit in them for hours. I liked them so well I got another set in leather for the Bus. I found anoter set in leather for Nigel (Yellow73 here). I found a set of clean leather seats from an Acura NSX seat for Mikey (screen name here) and he loves them. You should be able to find a nice pair for a fair price if you search salvage yards that deals in more late model cars. Take a tape measure to be sure they fit the width you need. It may take some welding to use the tracks you have but it should not be a big deal to do a clean/secure install.

petevw January 2nd 2008 23:48

^^What Dave said. :)

In my super, i've got front/rear Recaro's out of a '98 driver's edition Golf VR6 GTI.

BigPhattyVW January 4th 2008 01:37

Thank's! Actually I have no price style or other requirements. Just post what you like and tell us why! Picts are a plus too:)

speedy January 4th 2008 16:55

Recaro Pole position x2 and sabelt 4 point harness Wonderfull:D but not cheap!

Panelfantastic January 4th 2008 17:34

Speedy has his steering on the wrong side! :D


Steve C January 4th 2008 22:07

No he has his steering on the right side.

johnnyvee January 5th 2008 00:26

I agree with superman about momo being the only steering wheel for an aircooled :D

1303R January 8th 2008 16:59

i'm just happy to be sat driving the thing when it's working :D
omp wheel, corbeau seats and lots of crap on the floor, there's a cover over the driver's seat, my girlfriends trying to stop me from getting to many oil stains over everything :lmao: the seats are ok, not great, put some extra padding in the lumber area to try and make em better. no where near as good as the old toyota supra seats i did have in it.

DORIGTT January 9th 2008 00:36

I'm really partial to Porsche 911,928,944 seats as they seem to be 'right' for the car.

Bullyboy January 9th 2008 00:52

82 scirocco seats in both our bugs

Kafer_Mike January 9th 2008 12:45

Corbeau Targa RS seats (micro-suede/leather), Schroth Rallye 3 harnesses, and Momo Prototipo wheel. The seats are firm, but comfortable...

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