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jhelgesen February 10th 2003 10:52

You guys are a bad influence
Like I said, you guys are a bad influence. My 61 ragtop project started as a simple stock looking driver. Now thanks to you guys, I'm considering building the 2.0 t4 I have in the shop to go in her with the twin weber 40idf, and I'm talking to a parts place I know about a 944 suspension.

Thanks alot..... :rolleyes:

NO_H2O February 10th 2003 11:09

Yes, we are bad. Sorry we corrupted you.:D

vujade February 10th 2003 11:18

Bas Association Spoils Useful Habits :)

Tony Z February 10th 2003 15:06

BAD influence. I few years ago I decided to go for a $800 1835cc engine. Now, I am $5000 down, and still collecting parts. I know I will be grateful, but I just wish I had some cash for myself ofr once.

2332, scat h-beams, 5.325", web-cam 121-125, 044s (94x42x37.5), manley valves, 48 IDFs blah blah blah

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