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Sandeep April 16th 2003 11:52

I understand what you are saying Jake.

One good thing about the 911 kit is that there is a market for it out there, and if I decide to get rid of mine in the future, I'm sure I could sell it.

When it comes time for me to put my engine together, I will arrange to come down to Georgia to see your opereration. I understand that is takes a combination of parts to acheive a goal and I am all for that. I just have to wait for the 100mm Birals to come into production as well as LN's new heads.

My end goal is to race my beetle locally in a GT3 class in a couple of years (pure race car) so cosmetics will not be an issue then. Looking forward to it.



Massive Type IV April 16th 2003 13:46

The LN heads will be awesome.....The first set being sold are coming to my shop for a 2615 engine...

Unregistered April 16th 2003 19:05

I think what folks want to know is does a 911 setup overcool


" There was no other changes,neither overheated, but one did stay much cooler, and thats not the one with the huge fan."

Alex and Vujade both speak wisely on the subject

There will be no argument, if we all know under what circumstances these products are being tested and what is meant by "cools better" does the DTM have a thermostat?

Massive Type IV April 16th 2003 19:21

Like I said.....Neither overheated, The DTM cooled 20 degrees better, thats all....

Unregistered April 16th 2003 19:27

So 911 fans don't overcool?

Massive Type IV April 16th 2003 19:44

Nothing overcools on the dyno............

factman April 16th 2003 19:55

i see your point with saying that its not how much air you have but how you direct it and that is true of the 911 fan as it does not direct its air in any particular place but down. my attraction to the fan is a resolve for changing my spark plugs withough pulling my carbs off. that really sucks and i have pretty big hands so i can even get to all my carb bolts. so until i make some tools that make it so i can do it on my own i might still get the 911 fan. yeah call me a pansy but i like to do things fast. and if anyone has an answer the spark plug problem then tell me about it. i have a T1 not a T4 . thanks again guys.

PIOMAC April 18th 2003 23:53

Cosmetics is not the only reason for the 911 set-up. I am placing a T4 2L with the Fat upright conversion in my 67 bus. When I got the bus th3 T4 was aleady in there, but the Prev. owner had to fabricate a rear apron so that the engine deck lid would close. Now that I have the uright conversion, I will be able to utilize the original rear apron and be able to close the engine decklid. Now if I can only figure out how to fit an exhaust underneath the original rear bumper:confused:

PIOMAC April 18th 2003 23:55

I forgot to mention that with the previous setup, that the engine decklid did close but NOT properly. Now it will close properly with the upright conversion.

sparkmaster1 April 19th 2003 00:23

"Looks" really doesn't matter when you don't have to open the decklid every 200 miles like on "some" a/c performance engines. Kind of like chrome, it won't get you home. I'll take pratical, well thought out parts over shiny ohh, ahh parts any day. Tim

57mutant April 19th 2003 10:09

No longer confused
So, having re-read this thread numerous times, the final conclusion is that the 911 fan/shroud neither overcools or undercools. It does the job its intended to. So it is functional. It also has a cosmetic appeal to certain people - this is the German Look Forum is it not. Even though they are functional, I favor Sparco seats and Momo steering wheels over the original items. So too are the original brakes, suspension and wheels functional. But again I prefer the upgraded Porche alternatives that I associated with the German Look. So what's wrong with functional and good looking? To me, that's what the "Look" is all about.

vujade April 19th 2003 10:19

I agree complete 57mutant.
Some people dont see it that way.

Ron Roberts April 19th 2003 12:37

There are alot of variables here. There are different 911 fans. Also there are different 911 style shrouds. Also there are different engines but If I understand correctly that is not the issue.

Jake, Does your recent findings make it logical to use the DTM on your 2270 D, or are there still factors that continue to make that particular 911 shroud the best choice for that engine? I realize the DTM is somewhat a mute point now that it is no longer the DTM that we all know. (Assuming your DTM will have some modifiations of the old).



Mr.Elect.Wizard April 21st 2003 12:06

forget about this thread for a week or so, and it blows up... This is exactly the type of replies I was looking for... Yes, the 911 shroud looks pretty bad a$$, but if there are alternatives such as the DTM (or Jake's) that work better than so be it, I'd probably still go with one of Jake's...
Glad to see that there were no major fires started in this thread...
Jake, still hope I can experience one of these MassIVe motors some day...

Massive Type IV April 21st 2003 19:01

My concensus:

spend 1k+ on a system that look better, but is NOT AS EFFICIENT in freeing up power, and does not equal the flow of a cooling system that utilizes a radial fan...that what you get with a 911 system, plus one hell of alot of expense when a part goes bad.

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