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zen April 12th 2004 09:43

Membership Dues
Just a head's up. Several of the early members of the VKG are up for renewal. I will send out some out emails sometime this week with instructions, but wanted you to be aware. Those already due are:

pillow (anyone heard from him?)

those due in may:
reggie wattz

Pillow April 22nd 2004 14:14

I know MIA for a while...

Are you still taking it via PayPal? If so just let me know the address.


zen April 22nd 2004 15:13

for a while???? :confused:

hope all is well. give me a call. not sure if i have your right phone number. i wan to chat a minute.


here is the dues payment info. i have to get us a real bank account setup before we can do Paypal subscriptions. i hope to do that tomorrow. so look for subscriptions to be availabe over the weekend. if you want to wait for that, that is fine. if not, send the $20 to

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