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bennyg August 1st 2004 06:14

Jetting question, Plaese help. 1.8l type 4
Please help me with getting the right jets:

I am running dual weber 40 IDFs. They came with the following jets/setup:

air correction 2.00, Emulsion tube F-11, main jet 1.15, pump jet 0.50, idle jet 0.50, venturii 28mm

We ran the engine for a few minutes yesterday, but it got quite hot and sounded like it was running with too much air (popping)....

The engine spec is:

1.8l type 4

93MM Pistons (Porsche 914, domed to increase compression)

66mm stroke crank

308 degree webcam, (valve lift: 0.507, duration at 0.050: 272 degrees, Grind no. 86c)

polished + mildly ported type 4 heads

Stock rockers

Bosch 009 Distributor (Standard points)

THe car is a full weight 1972 Beetle running a 1500 gearbox.

Can anyone help me get the right Jets?

Wally August 2nd 2004 16:52

Change and try or reserve dyno time...
Your popping is more likely an intake (vacuum) leak and your cam seems very very wild for that engine, which could result in a very bad mixture from idle to mid-revs and subsequent bad burn, meaning too lean a burn, resulting in excessive heat...
Maybe a slightly bigger idle jet (52?), bit smaller air correction (190). Test and try...or get a wide band CO metering device (


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