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BigPhattyVW November 4th 2006 17:08

911 headlight assemblies.
Hello again everybody!

Ive seen countless amount of VW's with porsche 911 headlight assemblies. Then I was just recently on and found a whole bunch of 911 headlights???


What year of 911 headlight assembly fits in the early style vw fenders and how do you install them?


Kafer_Mike November 4th 2006 19:56

The early Porsche 911 lens fit in the early Beetle headlight rings. No need to change the buckets... ;)

BigPhattyVW November 6th 2006 23:28

I know that the lenses do fit right in. I want to change the whole assembly so as to remove the "frankenstein" bolt on the lower lip of the headlight ring.

I know, why be difficult:cool:

Steve C November 8th 2006 00:51


I fitted some to my old 1302. They were the type that had a black ring that you covered with a body coloured dress ring. The Frankenstein bolt on the 911 headlight was replaced with an internal screw, sort of like a late beetle one, I just needed make up bracket to screw into.


BigPhattyVW November 10th 2006 03:13

2 Attachment(s)
Does this cluster look familiar? Hopefully this upload works this time. By the way, is the bracket that you fabbed look anything like picture #2?


Steve C November 10th 2006 06:25


Its a bit hard to see the bracket in the photo, but you only need to mimic what Porsche did with the bracket and that's what my cluster looks like.


BigPhattyVW November 12th 2006 18:08

Way Cool!!!:D

Thanks a bunch Steve C! Now I just wish I had a garage:bawling:

By the way to anyone else who is wondering, that is a 74-86 headlight bucket assembly. I believe has the assembly as a Bosch H4 upgrade! I haven't ordered anything from them but their website is really informative and has a lot of cool stuff in it.

Thanks again!

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