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volkdent January 6th 2012 13:29

Speedo Gauge Hole Size?
It's a little finicky to measure, so I just want to ask, what gauge size fits directly into the speedo hole? It's a '60, I'm not sure that makes a difference, but I've seen what looks like perfect fitting tachs in the speedo hole, so it's got to be a semi-standard size? Looking at this thing;

VDO Viewline Speedo


Sandeep January 6th 2012 17:13

My '74 has a 914 tach in the speedo hole, fit with no issues. The casing diameter of the tach is 4.5" / 114.3mm. The stock innards have been replaced by a stepper motor driven by data from my ECU so no more bouncy tach :D


owdlvr January 6th 2012 19:43

Fitting of the porsche tach, at least in my '69 and '71 models, required some modification of the speedo hole. I had to run a deburring tool several times around the inside of the hole shaving out material, as the porsche tach O.D. is slightly bigger then the factory speedo. Will measure a factory speedometer shortly.


volkdent January 6th 2012 21:58

Thanks guys! I'm wondering if maybe I should do a 3-3/8" tach offset to the top of the opening, then in cresent shape of the spacer below it put in LED indicator lighting. I'm really not sure what's going to be the best option here! I need LED warning lights, but I'd like a 160mph speedo too, and I'd like to get a tach in there. I guess I want more than the holes I have to fill! The idea of that big 4.5" tach is awesome, but I only found very few 2 1/16 speedos, and that was digital readout or Auto Meter....:mad:


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