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72marinablue December 27th 2009 15:55

Germanlook/Rallylook Beetle
Well instead of making multiple threads about new additions to my car I have decided to make a ongoing build thread for it. Here I can consolidate my progress. My goal has always been to bring my Beetle up to more modern standards, and making it perform better. I have never had the goal of making my car track worthy nor "rally" worthy yet I love the look. This is my first car and has been my daily driver for the last 5 years. I have put countless hours of time into this car and it has been both my therapy and my obsession.

The newest addition (Christmas present to myself) would be the Kamei spoiler. ITS LOW!

And the Nardi wheel.

chug_A_bug December 27th 2009 16:12

that Kamei Looks SWEET... nice Score from Ebay ;)


owdlvr December 27th 2009 22:31

Looking good! Now lets see some photos of how you mounted it, you know...for archives sake.


Humble December 27th 2009 23:00

I love that look :thumbup:

Make sure you secure the spoiler to the fenders though or the mouting tabs will break.

72marinablue December 27th 2009 23:37

Wow didn't even think of that! Good advice!

1303GT December 28th 2009 02:04

Nice, I like the look.

I'm building a 74 1303 in the same spirit.

Steve C December 29th 2009 03:36


Looking very GL, have you tried it on the highway yet, the Kameis really make a difference.


NO_H2O December 29th 2009 13:40

Very nice. Watch those speed bumps and curbs. The Kamei is made of ABS plastic so it is forgiving to a point.

owdlvr December 29th 2009 14:12

Drat. This is making me think my '69 needs one.



72marinablue December 29th 2009 15:01

I am actually thinking about supporting the front of the spoiler from the front similar to like this

You can buy the supports. I would attach it to the spoiler itself and the bottom of the bumper.

kuleinc January 4th 2010 15:11

I'll try topost picks of my Kamei spoiler supports... They're a little more stealthy than the BMW ones in that pic... and don't require drilling holes in your fenders...

72marinablue January 4th 2010 18:48

That would be much appreciated!

kuleinc January 4th 2010 19:24

It involves bolting a plate to the bumper bracket bolt and one to the hole in the spoiler and getting a piece of rod and welding it to each plate. I can't find any pics right now, but if you use the right bumper bolt and position the plates in the right way the rod connecting them should clear the fender no problem!

70Turbobug January 7th 2010 12:22

Great pics! I like the BBS wheels too - very classy!

72marinablue May 13th 2010 16:14

Finally put a 20mm adjustable whiteline swaybar on the front of the car. The handleing is really coming together. WAY more stable in the curves. Just waiting on my rear swaybar and then ill be golden!

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