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412STi September 2nd 2018 17:29

STi powered Typ4 in the works...
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Hello GermanLooker

Wally asked me to write something about my project.
I want to fulfill this command, upps, this request.

As I have already said here and next,
my progress is very, very slow.

Now, only a little Teaser

Wally September 3rd 2018 02:54

That is extremely cool!
Can you keep it under the decklid? Any pics of the Variant as it is now?


412STi September 3rd 2018 15:18

I hope it fits under the lid.
But in any case, I have to cut off the intake manifold.
We will see.

There are no pictures now.
Everything is still original but disassembled and must be welded here and there a little bit.

Now I first adjust the engine and transmission, so I can build the brackets.
Then I want to build the brakes, then edit the body.

Wally September 3rd 2018 16:40

Very cool!

(Psst: I like it so much as I am slowly preparing a rad build with a watercooled (6) unit into an early notch myself)

kai4130 September 3rd 2018 17:02

In the type 3’s variant world, the only way to retain the stock engine hatch height would be to make a custom inlet maifold to reduce the height of the engine.

With my notchback it’s more like a Karmann Ghia now with the rear boot/trunk area as the engine bay. Fare play not only for keeping a Type 4 on the road but the STI transplant also.... hats off to you sir!

chug_A_bug September 3rd 2018 21:49

WOW... So Cool

Bogara_ZO January 8th 2019 07:26


Originally Posted by 412STi (Post 91173)

Now, only a little Teaser

You are building the car i have always dreamed about! Good luck with the build :)

412STi January 16th 2019 19:05

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A little bit more.
As i said, my progress is very slow.
Real life is always in pole position.

The first two Pics showing the gearbox that gets installed.
Third picture shows my dummy gearbox with which I want to calculate the location and mounts.

sheller January 17th 2019 19:08

What was the gearbox from?

412STi January 17th 2019 19:46

5Speed Subaru WRX
Modified with Subarugear's parts.

412STi January 18th 2019 18:39

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Originally Posted by Wally (Post 91174)
That is extremely cool!
Can you keep it under the decklid? Any pics of the Variant as it is now?


Hi Wally

Because of pictures.
Found a few older ones, but not much has changed so far.
Was when moving into our hall, but have not been so much space for a long time

412STi August 25th 2019 15:06


I could use your help or input.

In my project, I have difficulty finding suitable drive shafts.
Unlike the Beetle or Bulli with Subaru transmission, the installation position is much lower and therefore I need shorter drive shafts.
Even the shortest ones available (Type3 automatic, left shaft) are still a bit too long.
You can cut drive shafts.
The special company that does that, only cuts hollow drive shafts. All VW or Porsche drive shafts I would like to use, are made of full material.

Someone an idea for a suitable solution?

Wally August 25th 2019 16:03

I suppose you really can only go with a custom axle then.
SAW makes those right? Probably only stateside companies do that kinda work...
Or Finnish.

Clatter September 5th 2019 15:43

Sway Away still makes axles in any length you could want.
These are Empi, and cost a lot less.
Here with 1" narrowed arms and a 915 trans FWIW.

They have no inside shoulder/stop for the CV, so they are forgiving WRT length..

H2OSB September 5th 2019 16:41

Sheesh, Clatter, I didn't realize you were on here as well

Apologize for the slight hijack

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