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GL Sport February 6th 2003 14:58

wanted: super beetle parts
I'm looking for parts to complete my 73 sportbug.

I would like to find a set of Kafer-cup fenders outside flare 2-4 cm

I'm looking for a good clean windscreen with no pitting.

A factory black (heavy) bumper.

Impact strips

Any orig. sport bug Items-- Less the 5.5 star wheels

rear bulkhead panel part above the rear pan section connecting to the inner 1/4 panel.

orig. torched panels close to maryland I will travel for pickup of parts and remove if neccesary.

Thanks looking forward to hearing from you all.

regards Kenn

Superman February 6th 2003 15:31

Those Käfer cup flared fenders would be hard to find in the USA.
Try WCM or RMM for the impact strips and a new windshield.
Get new bumpers and paint them black.
RMM sell patch repair panels for the body.
I have a pair of Sport Bug SE seats and the steering wheel but would want B-I-G $$$ for them.

GL Sport February 6th 2003 16:24

So tell me what's big money? Just curious. I maight be prone to sell mine as I've got several. e-mail me direct...

I need to recover both of my seats, they were redone 15 years ago and were nice until barn storage. The friendly neighborhood packrats made two nice little homes in my seats.

I'm looking for a couple of the allen head nut that hold that sport wheel on. I have two or three that "are not as good as they should be".

I am also looking for a way to recover that steering wheel preferably in black suede. I've seen the wheel skin thing but it looks kinda 1/2-ass. Suggestions anyone? Kenn

Hey superman who are you refering to above? west coast metric? and rocky MT?

That curved super b windscreen is a real hard to find item.

Superman February 6th 2003 17:43

There are several companies, like Koch or a fabric shop, that can recover the wheel. Yes I mean West Coast Metric and Rocky Mountain Motorworks.

Curved windshield, new from RMM $125, not too hard to find
:D 1-800-258-1996

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