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GL Sport March 21st 2003 12:20

gas heaters
Who has any experience with eberspacher heaters?

specifically the B/N2 unit for 1303. I'm contemplating using one for my car to eliminate having to use heater box crap and go for a turbo w/ a custom built header and pipe.

Are they reliable?

Are they safe?

Are the parts expensive?

Are they hard to install, maintain and tune?

Are they worth it?

I found an entire unit for my car rebuilt for 400 dollars US, is that a good price? what about a used tested unit complete for 100-200 bucks?

thanks guy's I really need your help and opinions from experienced v-Dubbers'

Keep on Buggin' Kenn:silly:

samcat March 21st 2003 13:25

I run one in my 1303 as I have NO heat exchangers (T4 engine).

Brand New BN2.

Its brilliant, when you switch it on it runs through a LOT of self tests, plus it does tests when running to prevent any accidents. remember that this is designed to be used on lorry cabs where people may be sleeping...

Are they reliable?
From what I have read, YES.

Are they safe?
See above, YES

Are the parts expensive?

Are they hard to install, maintain and tune?
Install takes time but is NOT complicated. Wiring loom (semi complex), fuel pump/line, intake/exhaust, cold air in and hot air out.
NO tuning required

Are they worth it?

Sam C

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