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vw1303 May 13th 2003 04:31

topline ajustable struts and porsche alloys

I set of ajustable topline struts for late model super(1303)

$100 US obo

I set of 4 15*7 porsche "cookie cutter" wheels
refinished polished lip and centercap with black spokes

asking $300 US obo

email me

Thank You

GL Sport May 15th 2003 14:14

Are your struts 73 1/2 and on or pre 73 1/2 ? Waht kind of shape? springs etc.? thanks Kenn:D

vw1303 May 15th 2003 14:18

The struts are for a 1303 with 2 bolts holding it to the spindle. They are in perfect shape only used for about 4 days of driving, no rust. I could send you my porsche springs from a 83 944 if you would like they made the front quite stiff but handled very nice.

red74super May 19th 2003 10:22

sold :)

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