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vujade July 2nd 2003 10:40

Poll: 1 piece windows vs black out stock
At at the point in my cars body & paint that I need to decide whether to keep the stock vent windows & have them powder coated black or buy a set of 1 piece windows.

What do you guys think?

kdanie July 2nd 2003 11:15

That's a tough question, one piece look better but I need vent windows when it's hot out.... I'll go with function!

zen July 2nd 2003 14:59

since you will have the sunroof now i would go with one piece. it will give you more options on the tint since you are not sure what you want to do there. you are in FL, you will suffer with or without vents.

Racelook July 2nd 2003 17:06

One piece windows are much beautifuller.. (do you say that so?? a whatever)
And one advantage is that you don't have the rust there anymore. (that's why i'm choosing for one-piece windows.

Grt. Wiebrand

NYBugman1972 July 2nd 2003 17:45

1 pieces are really cool looking. I have them and I like the look. However, they really don't roll up and down correctly. I have to play with that one of these days. A little patience can go a long way, though.

However, stock windows are already there. They work.

It's your call.

greenterbo July 2nd 2003 20:48

I just completed the 1pc window install. It seems to me that if you get the right balance the window goes up and down okay. The window felt does not fit in the door as tight as I would like though. It does look much better than stock!

What did you all do about door stops? Any pictures?

Alex July 2nd 2003 22:24

Stock look in black.
You can order tinted glass in Germany for the entire car. The glass is already coloured like the new cars have. Comes in green and bronze I believe from CSP Germany.

I should have read the other post first. If you shave then would not mind the one piece windows.

Question though.....why do we have to make your decisions? :D :D :D


vujade July 3rd 2003 06:23


you are not making my decisions, you are just helping weight the advantages and disadvantages :)

Sandeep July 3rd 2003 08:38

Stock vents - blacked out. They are already there and functional. When it gets hot out, I just crack open the vents and I get enough air coming in to cool things down.

Plus, one less thing to go wrong.

I think that one peice windows give the car a more modern look but it does not suit me. JMHO.


vujade July 3rd 2003 11:25

I am surprised that leaving the vent windows is winning out vs going with 1 piece windows.

I figured most of you guys would say go with 1 piece windows.

I am leaning towards 1 piece windows because of aesthetic reasons and also the fact that is alot cheaper then replacing all of the seals on the stock windows with German Rubber.

oasis July 3rd 2003 13:47


I voted blacked out stock vents. I have had both in my assortment of cars and vans over the years, and I have reached the point that I like them so much, I now think they look better.

When I first got my Rabbit-based Pickup some years back, I could have had the vents replaced with fixed vents from a junk yard for $30 total. I spent over ten times that for hinged-and-riveted replacements from the dealership. (All MkI Golfs without fixed vents seem to need them replaced anyway.)

It was money well spent.

I might add that my Pickup had the sliding glass rear window. I'm adding that caveat because you just added the sunroof. The vents function differently from sunroofs, roll-down windows and pop-out rear windows (should you decide to add those later) whether you use them separately or in any combination.

The only concern I have is they are an inviting source of a parking lot break-in.

Now when is this contest? I can't wait to win your car! :D


lightning bug July 3rd 2003 14:31

I'd say keep the stock vents. But you can run 1 piece with rear pop-outs for function. I'll be running stock vents, blacked out of course, with rear pop-outs as well.

CPRcubed July 3rd 2003 14:42

If somebody actually made the scrapers full length with "molded" curves at both ends, I'd go with 1-piece windows (I do love the look!). I have a set sitting in the garage, but I am rethinking about putting them in. I will probably just blackout the vent trim and such. By the way, now that you've got the sunroof, hopefully you have the rear popout windows! If not, wait until you experience the buffeting sound you get at speed with fixed quarter windows (sounds like you've got a Sikorski hovering overhead!). Cheers!

vujade July 3rd 2003 14:45

No I am definitely adding rear pop outs. I figured they would help with Sunroof ventilation.

Supa Ninja July 5th 2003 12:19

I'm going to color match my wind wings. Wind wings + Pop-Outs = a little air circulation around the lower extreminties, if you know wut I mean. Every lil bit helps in the summer where I live. So I voted black-outs. I've never seen a one piece window roll up and down like the stock set-up.


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