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seanmc March 24th 2004 10:03

How to widen wings yourself?
Has anyone done this themselves or have they bought them already widened? :(

I have an idea or two which involves cutting up my originals and then widening them to create a mould. Desperate step I know but availability of what I want are a real problem for a reasonable cost. I don't want to pay a guy who bought them from another guy, who bought them from the guy who made them!!! It's just sending the costs out of control for me. :bawling:

Any ideas at all? :confused:


GL Sport May 21st 2004 09:19

Very ,very few people go to the extent of doing it themselves. Unless your extremely talented I would highly reccommend buying a set of wider fenders. They are not that expensive. the amount of labor involed in a DIY mould and them laying the glass for just one fender, no way not worth the time especially not worth the $$$$.If you want the coolest GL fenders around buy a set of Kafer cup fenders from hoffman speedster or someone else. Good luck with your machine.

boygenius May 21st 2004 18:55

I don't know of anybody that has done it already. You might want to try They have some nice looking fenders.

super vw May 22nd 2004 02:01

Hey, think its possible to take a second set of metal fenders and make another set wider but cuting off the mount flange then adding the inner material to the fender?
Would be a lot of welding.... might not be worth my time as i have to get new fenders anyways.

miller May 22nd 2004 03:39

Their is a way to pound out your current fenders to make them wider. This is by far the cheapest option and its probably alot wasier than making a set out of fibreglass.

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