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I can not say much.
Only this: Remmele is straight in a big upheaval.
The portfolio will change very much.
There will be a new website.

All this probably earliest in the first quarter of 2019.
But that's exactly what I do not know.

@ effvee
Unfortunately, I can not comment on service and warranty.
I have already seen the Type4 case.
Oh man what a horny part.
It should cost 5000 .

Cylinderheads are also manufactured for Type4, Type1, P356.
All billet style.
Have seen videos about their production.
Come later also on the website.

So much so far.

If my buddies pick up the parts in a few weeks, maybe I can go back.
Maybe then I can bring something else in experience.
Greetings Gerold

STi powered Typ4 in the works...
R.I.P. 1302/72
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