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Originally Posted by zen
thanks for posting. i should have done it earlier. food and brews will still be just have to work for it now.

vujade, give me a call in the morning and i will give you directions to the new place. i just talked to neil and he will be here around noon. dave is going to try to come up early as well.

rebuilt the new axles tonight and packed them. they are ready to go in. all that is left to at least make it to the show is:

-left suspension height adjustment (still can't get the bastard off)
-install axles
-drill out shocks and mount
-rear fenders (have to trim the left running board a little i expect, right is done)
-test drive

all doable if everything works fine (not like it has). some added bonuses would be:

-passenger seat
-the other stone gaurd (i have one on...well half on since the glue didn't stick) on none
-wipers that work (think the motor is cashed)
-gauges that light up
-parking lights (probably a bad headlight switch
-a wash
I'll call you in after breakfast
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