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Alright, wherever I go, and ask engine questions. I get Talk to Jake Talk to Jake. I've got the idea.. I've also gotten a few. "Ya whatever go build a 1916 type 1 and boost it!" And mabey one person sugested to build a 2117 T1.

would it be worth it to build a big or turbo type 1 while saving for jakes kit (the only type 1 stuff I have is mabey a tired engine. I may be able to get some ratio rockers and some 041 heads. Where as I have a 1.8 or 2.0L T4 shortblock with Webber 44s and manifolds. They all need rebuilds)

or should I just say ya whatever and put the car in the gerage (the 1600 thats in it is tired. Don't know how tired but it's tired) and save to buy the engine and stuff it in? (in the mean time all the money from my old car will go into this car doing paint and interior work)

Or should I just drive it as a tired 1600? How reliable are the tired 1600s? If it will slowly yet reliably. I can save mucho gas $$ buy not driving the 4200lb Ranchero!
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