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To turbo the engie will reqire the carburetors to be modified to handle boost. You must decide on draw through or blow through set-up. If you go with a draw through design you must have a turbo with a special seal to handle extreme vaccum. I think its called a carbon seal but I'm not sure. Other wise when you close the throttle quickly and cause a strong vaccum in the turbo the engine oil can be sucked out of the turbo and through your engine. Most turbos from production cars don't have the required seal for a draw through design. To blow through requires extensive work to the carbs to make them able to enrich themselfs under boost. You might want to do some reading on turbo charging your engine. "Turbomania" is a good book if a little dated, but still good information. There is another book that I used to have, I think it was called "turbocharging your engine" or something like that. The book had a calloway twin turbo V-8 on the cover and a turbo Mclaren on the rear cover. Maybe somebody knows what the name of that book really is. Anyway there was some good general turbo information in that book.

Or you could go fuel injected...
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