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Wow Dennis, I'm glad you got the declared value from your insurance co (if I understood that right ). I solidly believe that most agents and adjusters have less integrity than a loan shark, or common thief when it comes to doing the right thing for their customers. They're trained to look out for the agency's bottom dollar foremost, and not let up, or give in to an owner's claim that the their vehicle is worth more than their info says it is, and often the only way to get what you're due is to involve state government to effectively go over the head of the adjuster or agent.

Although I wasn't dealing with my particular insurance company, but that of a man that caused the collision that stuffed a Geo Metro under the rear of my Z71 by way of his F-150's grill piece, I had it involve the NC insurance commissioner's office because the truck I had I knew was totaled. Bed, and cab corners crushed, bumper detached completely, chassis bent in 5 places with the hitch pointed to the ground, and the frame rails were off square.

Nationwide wanted to fix it for $5500, or give me the $ to fix it, both of which I refused. After a month and a half of phone arguments, and a call to the NCICO, they finally totaled it, and gave me $1000 less than it's book value, which was enough to make me satisfied after the #&!! that those screwballs put me through.
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