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Originally Posted by yetibone View Post
Wow Dennis, I'm glad you got the declared value from your insurance co (if I understood that right )...
Yes, that is correct. I have heard many horror stories; mine pales by comparison. First off, my agent had been working with my wife since before we ever met. He was in my corner all the way which helped.

Another thing that helped (I believe) is that I have all of my receipts for everything that was done. I told the adjuster not only did the insurance company have no right to change the status of my car with my consent, I was prepared to argue the car was worth more than the agreed-upon value of the car so even if the insurance company could convince a judge the car had changed status, I would be owed even more money, not less.

It was a headache but my story was relatively benign. The irony was the insurance company made its initial declaration thinking I was trying to job them.
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