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Originally posted by jhelgesen
Wow, that sounds like an invite.

But I am planning doing the 61 ragtop right, probably use the 15 fuchs on the 912 right now, ghia or porsche discs, mitsubishi alloy green metalic (2002 color). Probably stick with t1 power though, 1.7 or 1.8ish.

Maybe I'll have to GL the 73 camper too. LOL, remake the camper top in CF. Do the interior in aluminum and a big ass cage.

Sign me up.
lol. the camper would be perfect. you and pillow can take some laps together. god what a vision.

sounds like the 61 could fit right in. some of us aren't much further on ours. would love to have you in the club.

and i am having visions of a 912 driver now, ironically thanks to your change of plans. i miss mine sooooo much. we'll see.
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