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UK Beetle Circuit Racing @ Silverstone 2008

I have had confirmation that the races with the Classic Touring Car Club are on for next year.
Races will be held on the Silverstone Stowe circuit (Silverstone race school circuit)
Meets will consist of 1 Qualifying session and 3 races per meet. (this is the format meets have been run in this year so no change is expected)
There will be 5 Meeting's held there next year (dates are yet to be confirmed)
Beetle only races will be held on the provision there is a minimum of 10+ cars on the grid (any less and we get amalgamated with another race)

Regs have been approved after much discussion and amendment. Unfortunately they wont please everyone but a balance between cost and trying to give the cars some parity has tried to be achieved. Cars must remain Beetle (e.g. type 1 engine, box, bodywork, & no forced induction)

Participants will need a National B race licence as a minimum (or equivalent European licence)
Will need to be members of the CTRC
Cars will need to be to to MSA regulations (2008)
Cars will need to be fitted with a timing transponder

Entry fees are provisionally 115.00 per meet but allow (5) either way.

One years entry's and membership is going to cost less than 700.00!! it doesn't come any cheaper than that for 15 races.

Mail if you want a copy of the regs
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