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Unhappy Winter...

Well you guys it's time for me to put the body back on the pan.

See heres the deal, I still haven't gotten any pictures of my car as of yet( and am really working on it, soon very soon ), and am still living with my girlfreinds parents (OK, it's a little embarrasing, so don't make any smart cracks at that one! )and am currently using there garage to work on my car. Well I had to tak out some of her dads wood working stuff to fit the pan in there. Well today it started to snow, so I had to put the pan back on and move my car out and his tools back in... so the resto-work has come to a halt for now... maybe I can talk him in to re-arranging the garage or some thing so I can fit the pan back in there, because the winter time is the best time to work on a car....

This really sucks, but I'll see what I can do...

stay tuned!

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