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If you don't mind a little bit of fitting, I'd suggest a balance bar dual-M/C setup. I have a CNC drop-down setup on mine, but there are floor mount ones though for buggies (Wilwood, etc.) which may work in that small space. I run 924T brakes all around (the same as N/A 944/928) and must have adjusted it at least half a dozen times until I was happy with the front to rear bias. It essentially wound up because close to balanced front to rear. I started out with most of the bias up front and kept doing runs and adjusting until the fronts wouldn't lock up any more (FWD cars have a lot of weight shift up front, our cars not as much--I'm guessing all the weight in the rear of a bug just shifts to the middle of the car in a stop). I don't the idea of bias valves to the rear circuit because you're essentially 'limiting' the full potential of the M/C to that circuit.

My pedal travel is low and feels as solid as a Mercedes.
'66 Bus(11-window, CLK rims, disk brakes, IRS, bags, hydr. clutch, Super-1600 w/injection)
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