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I have 944 single pots at the front and 928S4 4 pots at the rear with a hydraulic handbrake in series with the rear line. I found that the rear line was allowing too much flex within the handbrake cylinder and added an RP valve that really helped. It has a 944 m/c with the 23mm bore plumbed up to the front and the 19mm to the rear. O/a the pedal feels as though there is too much travel when stationary but actually on the move it is very limited for the amount of retardation. On the rollers the MOT man was impressed. I came to the conclusion I was being too critical and fooling myself about how hard the pedal is actually pushed. The pedal pressure is quite high especially after driving a modern car but very solid feeling.

Also Deane, you have to factor in the reduction in pad movement when they have properly bedded in that is significant.

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