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I'm running a stock 19 m/c, works great.

You might find this info useful.

Front and rear Porsche callipers on my car both use 30 &28 mm pistons

One calliper has a piston area of 2x 30 pistons = 1413.71669411541
And 2x 28 pistons = 1231.5043202072
Total piston area for one Porsche calliper = 2645.22101432261

A stock VW Beetle calliper has 2x40 mm pistons, total piston area for one calliper = 2513.27412287183

Type 3s use a 19.05 mm bore and use callipers that have 2x42 mm pistons, so total area for one calliper is = 2770.88

So a Type 3 works fine with those bore sizes, but this doesn't take into account pad area or rotor diameter.

STI powered 1303 in the works.
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