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'Bedding in is key'...., most complain and start messing with theory on little more than a mock up without any miles on it, RP valves are unnecessary, i have one in the rear line but its a red herring from another problem I've now rectified, IE a cracked rear disc i never thought to look for. heres my golf 20mm cylinder and RP valve, the brakes perform the same as they did with the stock 19mm cylinder and no RP valve, this is for race use, not road, its a RHD cylinder on a RHD car obviously..
here is the cracked rear disc, it was knocking the pads back away from the disc.... the more add ons you introduce away from stock, the harder it gets to sort the system, also, only add steel braided lines, if at all, after the system has been proofed out, i spent a whole season on a customers car that was braided through out, TRYING to sort the brakes out, nightmare, nothing can be clamped of to isolate problems, the pedal would hit the floor one moment then back up high 3 or 4 times every lap...
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