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Originally Posted by 72marinablue View Post
Wow steering wheel is incredible. Where did you learn to the electronics knowledge to assemble something like that?
It's nothing more than arduino with NRF24L01 for wireless.
You literally can find thousands of tutorials for arduino on web.
I made the first steering wheel with arduino pro mini, nrf24l01 and lipo charger modules.
but I don't like it the wires, box and I need to charge occasionally. After some search I found great tutorials about low power arduino, and once all work fine with a coin cell (must work for about 2 years on CR2032) I decide to go furter and made my own board, so I found great tutorials for EAGLE to design schematics and boards.

And I made my own reflow oven with a chaeap toaster ($15) and arduino uno and reflow oven controller shield

Here some tutorial for arduino low power:

Here how you can build and arduino minimal board (just I made with different chip package):

Here how tu burn 1Mhz bootloader for very low power consumption:

Arduino NRF24L01 tutorial:
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