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Originally Posted by hugovw1976 View Post
It's nothing more than arduino with NRF24L01 for wireless.
You literally can find thousands of tutorials for arduino on web.
I made the first steering wheel with arduino pro mini, nrf24l01 and lipo charger modules.
but I don't like it the wires, box and I need to charge occasionally. After some search I found great tutorials about low power arduino, and once all work fine with a coin cell (must work for about 2 years on CR2032) I decide to go furter and made my own board, so I found great tutorials for EAGLE to design schematics and boards.

And I made my own reflow oven with a chaeap toaster ($15) and arduino uno and reflow oven controller shield

Here some tutorial for arduino low power:

Here how you can build and arduino minimal board (just I made with different chip package):

Here how tu burn 1Mhz bootloader for very low power consumption:

Arduino NRF24L01 tutorial:
Thank you! Awesome, Im going to have to look into integrating this into my build.
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