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'74 Super Project. German Look? Rally look? We'll See..

Well it's about time I started one of these...

This won't be any sort of quick project, everything will be slow going.

Anyway's, my first car was a 1970 Standard Bug, passed down from my grandmother. I loved that car, and it was my daily driver got about 5 years, until I sold it due to having issues I couldn't afford to fix at the time. fast forward 4 years and I'd started checking craigslist every once and awhile to see if I'd find it. One day, I did! It was in a garage with all the interior out, gauges out, windows out etc. The person I sold it to painted it (very cheaply) red, and then sold it.

I manager to buy it back, and had it for another year before realizing/deciding I didn't have the ability to give it all the love it needed (lots of rust).

Here's a photo of it's good side, a few weeks before it got rehomed to a couple who are currently giving it a full restoration.

[IMG]Untitled by Conner Kuhns, on Flickr[/IMG]

After awhile without it, I got the itching for a bug. I ended up with a 1974 Super Beetle, with built trans, 1915cc motor with a big cam and big carbs. made good power, but ran too hot for daily driver duty, and didn't make any power below 3800rpm.

It was originally orange, but had a bad white repaint at some point. best part was no rust! The guy I bought it from owned it for 22 years, and was his weekend racer. He had removed all carpeting and sound deadening to make it as light as possible, which meant it was crazy loud on the inside. I quickly added sound deadening to help with that!

Here it is soon after I bought it.

[IMG]Untitled by Conner Kuhns, on Flickr[/IMG]
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