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Interior Idea's

For the interior, I've ditched the rear seat, and the idea is to eventually finish the back area with carpet so it looks decent. eventually, a roll bar or cage to stiffen the car a bit.

I purchased these Recaro's to install

Untitled by Conner Kuhns, on Flickr

I also found a deal on some funky fabric, The idea is for me to learn to sew enough to start by redoing the door cards, planning on using the fabric I bought along with some darker gray microsuede on the door cards, like you can see in this photo..

Untitled by Conner Kuhns, on Flickr

If doing door cards goes well and I'm feeling bold I'll attempt to recover the seats, using dark gray microsuede on the bolsters, and the fabric seen in the photo of the old door panel for the centers of the seats.

I already have a Momo Prototipo in the car, spaced out 2". Eventually I will redo the dash, I'm thinking that flocking the top part will go nice. I also plan on making a new inlay where all the switches etc are, I want to use brushed aluminum.
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