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How it sits now...

Let's finish getting up to speed on what's been done!

I got the KW's on up front, lowered the car in the rear with the bigger torsion bars, and had it aligned. WOW did it handle great! I got home from it's first drive and decided to wash the car. I noticed the white paint was so thin on the roof, I could see a little of the OG orange.
To keep it short, I got carried away and next thing I knew I was using oven cleaner and melted some of the crappy white paint off. Not all like how it looks now, I'm not sure I do either, but frankly I don't care as i care more about how it drives.

Untitled by Conner Kuhns, on Flickr

Eventually I may paint the car, however there are things that are more important (to me) that I'd rather devote resources too first.

Those paying close attention will notice in the photo above that the exhaust sure looks odd..
the 1915cc motor never seemed happy, so the next order of business became ditching it for a EJ22 Subaru engine. The EJ22 was chosen due to being relatively inexpensive. stock they make around 135hp, and make plenty of power down low, so the car was not only faster, but much more drivable.

That pretty much gets us up to speed. My next post will go over what I'm working on now, and plans for the next year or so..
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