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Shakajava's 71' Super

I just bought a 71' Super! Through researching VW Beetles to buy my wife her dream car I stumbled across this and several others VW sites. It is truly amazing where the Love Bug has gone!!
I use to think VW Beetles as being Grandma's car or something hippies love to drive around. They always seemed to be slow, dirty, and junking! Not any more! Thanks to you all it became apparent to me that this is the way to go! A sports car in a classic. Four way independent suspension, disk brakes, lowered and lots of power!

I hope to turn this...

Into this...

I DO have a plan and it will take me a few years to get it on the road. So I am going to use this forum to update my family and friends of where the project is at. Yes, I will be spending some $$$ on this guy!

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