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So, the season started..

First there was the annual Spring Meet ( and last weekend an other event continued after a 5-year brake, the Volks&Roll (

I liked it very much even in the past, mainly because there are every kind of cars of the era not just VWs which can race against each other on the dragstrip. As the oppurtunity was given, I tried both the car and myself on 1/4 mile. I made only 3 heats 15.9, 16.4 and 15.8 which is not bad for 2000ccm in a fully loaded (full trunk, full tank, 2 persons etc) car & tall gearbox (3.875&0.89 4th). It was not build for drag but always good to know being in the ballpark of 15s. For reference an e28 525i BMW with LSD, and a Golf1 with 2.0 16V run exactly the same times, while a 996 4s did 13.9 on the track.

I think with a bit of practice, punishment (shifted into 4th, changed gears around 6k) and more aggressive launch it should perform around 15.00.

Attempt 1

Attempt 3 - The Opel guy was not very happy at the end

For pictures click on the links in the text above.

Now I am curious of the exact torque and hp, I will put it on a dyno soon. I am expecting 130-140 hp at the flywheel.
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