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Originally Posted by Clatter View Post
Lovely as always..

I can see how you would want to sell;
Once the car is 'done', what's to do?

What was the spec on the motor?
Was curious how it ended up..

15 flat is pretty fast!
Drag racing = run it right up until it almost blows up;
Hard to do if you built with love..
There is still room for improvement, minor but important things to do to make it better and faster
It's a 2056 cc built for cruising not racing with Raby internals, reworked 914 heads (44x38) and 44 IDFs. Low end torque is impressive (drives easily in 4th in town) but revs happily to 7k. Drag is not my cup of tea and absolutely not the purpose of this is more about handling which is the best part of it I think.
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