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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post

What are the other ratios in your transmission.

I'm tossing up ideas for a gearbox for my sons bug, going 3.875 with 2.9 1st and 1.9 2nd, just not sure about 3rd & 4th. Would like to keep it good for freeways but Im worried that a tall 4th like yours will make it bog going from 3rd to 4th. Motor will eventually be a 2442 oxy boxer so bags of torque

I don't know how you could bare to sell such a beautiful car.

Cheers Steve
Hi Steve,

It's a Rancho Pro Street, 3.875 & 3.80, 2.06, 1.48, 0.89. Was hesitating on the 0.82 "freeway cruiser" but after driving one I abandonned the idea immediately as the gap felt enormous between 3rd and 4th, no way in town (ie under 80 km/h).

With my relative small overall diameter (205/45x16) I am doing 130 (GPS) km/h @ 3900 which is something i can live with. With a torque master like your oxy I would suggest it as a good combination between town/freeway but depends what you are buliding that car for.

Now it is sitting in a rented garage while I am moving, than I will see if I can find any other solution
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