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Hello everyone.

I'm new to this forum and am currently restoring a 1964 Beetle. Having abandoned my plans to mid mount a V8, I am now looking to the Subaru conversion as an alternate route to power.

I have many questions, but my first is about cooling.

I wish to avoid a front mounted radiator at all costs, mainly due to cutting holes in the front end. Can't explain why, I just hate the look, but that's not meant to cause any offence to anyone elses conversion, far from it -you all have my admiration and respect.

My thoughts are to mount a radiator vertically where the rear bulkhead currently sits and either duct air from underneath the car, or from ducts in the rear quarter panels if neccessary. I would triangulate the rear luggage compartment to seal in the radiator, with the hot air escaping via the engine bay. Another option would be twin smaller radiators mounted in the rear quarter panels like many mid engined supercars?

Has anyone tried either of these methods yet?

Would love to hear your thoughts. I'm sure it could be made to work?
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